Learning / Engaging with Leaders of Industry

Jaya With Kiran Bedi

Lt. Gov of Puducherry

Jaya With Jack & Suzy Welch

Former C.E.O of GE

Jaya With Jeff Sutherland

Co-Creator of SCRUM

Jaya With Mike Cohen

Agile Leader

Jaya With Dean Leffingwell

Creator of SAFe

Jaya With Don Reinertsen

Author: Principles of Product Development : FLOW

Jaya With Luke Hohman

Creator of Innovation Games

Jaya With Henrik Kniberg 

Distinguished Software Developer

Jaya With Craig Larman

Co-Creator of Large Scale Scrum (LeSS)

Jaya with Richard Sheridan

Author: Joy Inc, C.E.O: Menlo Innovations

Jaya With Jeff Patton

Author: User Story Mapping

Jaya with Karim Harbott & Roman Pichler

Distinguised Product Owners


Glimpse of Engagement

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